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Media Training


A non-governmental organization (NGO) became aware of a scheme that was creating a health risk to both humans and animals throughout the world. To address it, they established a database of journal and media articles that identified a billion dollar industry of fraud at work.  A producer for a major network news program was doing an expose on fraud and wanted to interview the agency.

The NGO asked 3D to prepare their agency spokesperson to get recognition for their work.  We understood the real story for the producer was why the government wasn’t doing enough to bring the perpetrators to justice. The danger was that the NGO management could be seen as incompetent.


3D helped the agency position itself as the first step in providing a solution to this expanding problem.  We crafted messages and coached the spokesperson to turn around negative questions by painting a picture of how their  database would be an effective tool to help regulatory agencies uncover the problem and enable them to take action.


The producer was so impressed he changed the focus of the story to be solely about the NGO and what it was doing to take charge of the situation. The organization gained positive coverage on the primetime news, network evening news, and the morning news shows.

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