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Value Communications for Market Access: Case Study 1


One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world was launching the first drug to show an overall survival benefit in a deadly cancer. The challenge was that it was also the most expensive drug ever in its indication, and was being launched in Europe in the midst of difficult economic conditions. European payers and some Key Opinion Leaders were pushing back. To complicate the problem, the company had just 12 months to launch in 20 countries which had very diverse negotiating challenges and pricing systems.


3D conducted a series of Value Story messaging and training programs to align communications in each of the countries across a wide array of stakeholders. 3D trainings included the company’s market access executives, medical science liaisons, sales people, media spokespeople, as well as external Key Opinion Leaders.  To ensure consistency of messaging throughout the company and in the external medical community, 3D also produced a series of customized videos designed for specific audiences.  The videos demonstrated, through realistic role-plays, how to articulate the Value Story and effectively address the most challenging objections.


The oncology drug had one of the most successful launches in the company’s history.  Messages were consistently communicated across both internal and external audiences, and major European payers.

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