Steps for a Successful FDA Advisory Meeting

February 12, 2019
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Take the First Step to a Successful FDA Advisory Committee Meeting

An FDA Advisory Committee meeting can determine whether your product ultimately gets on the market and to patients.  It’s critical to prepare a clear, credible and engaging presentation – and ensure your team is ready for the most difficult questions. While the future of the product may ride on this one day, most companies are ill-equipped to prepare for what can be a daunting meeting.

Steps for a Successful FDA Advisory Committee Meeting webinar presents proven steps to help prepare your strategy, write a credible and persuasive presentation, get your team ready for Q&A, create a realistic schedule with the right team, and ultimately optimize your success before an FDA Advisory Committee.

Listen to Jim DiBiasi, 3D Communications Founding Partner, and Christine Glenn, Head of Regulatory Excellence, Sanofi as they share their insights and expertise on how to prepare for an FDA advisory committee meeting.