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3D A∙C∙T® – Value Communications for Market Access

3D A∙C∙T® (Analysis ∙ Content Development ∙ Testing) is a proprietary, step-by-step process based on analytics and outreach. Utilizing this process, 3D’s team of experts helps you:

  • Identify the growing ecosystem of Market Access stakeholders
  • Determine what patients, physicians, payers, and policymakers across the globe define as value
  • Analyze the product landscape
  • Assess the clinical differentiators of your product

  • Develop clear messages and a compelling Value Story narrative based on credible data
  • Test and align your Value Story across global markets
  • Prepare your teams to confidently communicate the value of your product and address payer objections
  • Provide technology that systematically collects and shares information across your team’s functions and markets

The result: a credible Value Story that reflects what your stakeholders believe is important – so that you can justify your product’s price and maximize its access.

Download the overview of our 3D Value Communications for Market Access process — our unique approach that helps pharmaceutical companies prepare for critical meetings with payers and other stakeholders.

Value Communications for Market Access PDF

“With 3D, I have my dream partner.

They work with our most important stakeholders all over the world, on highly complex communications issues, and they get it right every time.  They are the absolute best at what they do!”

Jit Saini, MD Vice President, Oncology Global Head of Medical Affairs at Merck Serono