3D Communications and SolemEU Joint Venture
Expanding Market Access and Value Communications Services in Europe

3D Communications and SolemEU have created a joint venture to help pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies develop and successfully communicate their value proposition to key stakeholders – including payers, physicians, patients and policymakers.

The joint venture expands 3D’s Value Communications for Market Access services throughout Europe. It leverages SolemEU’s proven international market access track record and their network of senior executives experienced in developing and executing pricing, reimbursement, and market access strategies.

We’ve developed a new approach to ensure a product’s value proposition is based in both economic reality and what stakeholders perceive as valuable.

The process moves beyond traditional market access approaches.  It utilizes a three-dimensional method that assesses how the complex stakeholder environment, local market realities, and the evolution of treatment interact, and ultimately influence, a product’s value proposition.

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Contact Us:

Cindy DiBiasi

Partner, 3D Communications

T – 202-236-4525
E – cdbiasi@3dcommunications.us

Peter Zaudtke

Principle, SolemEU

T – +49 251 4895 7051
T – 301-637-5833
E – pete@solemeu.com

What We Do

  • Conduct detailed analyses on stakeholder views and market environment
  • Incorporate findings into overall strategy
  • Develop innovative approaches to economic modeling and global value dossier
  • Create clear messages, presentations, slides, and convincing answers to challenging questions
  • Test messaging with relevant stakeholders
  • Train teams to deliver the Value Story and handle objections

Case Studies:

Value Communications for Market Access: Case Study 1

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world was launching the first drug to show an overall survival benefit in a deadly cancer. 3D conducted a series of messaging and training programs throughout Europe across a wide array of stakeholders and assisted in one of the most successful launches in the company’s history.

Value Communications for Market Access: Case Study 2

A large device manufacturer with a product for a heart condition was being threatened with a denial of Medicare coverage. 3D assisted in the organization of communications, messaging, and supporting clinical data to facilitate Medicare coverage, which was granted.

Value Communications for Market Access: Case Study 3

A leading microbiome therapeutics company was preparing for regulatory review and launch of a novel therapy designed to treat recurrent Clostridium difficile infection (RCDI). 3D conducted a thorough market access analysis that included: stakeholder positions, competitor data, and an examination of how RCDI is currently addressed with regards to coverage and quality.