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Online Speaker Training Presented by 3D Communications

3D’s experience in the communications field provides today’s pharmaceutical professionals with a proven step-by-step process to systematically develop and confidently deliver a clear message.

The result is a positive and lasting impression on the most important audiences.

Public Speaking Training for Healthcare Professionals

About the Course:

This online speaker training includes didactic teaching, role-plays, video examples, and interactive quizzes to illustrate and reinforce key concepts and help pharmaceutical professionals deliver their next presentation or speech.

Course Requirements:

  • High-speed Internet access (to view online speaker training videos)
  • Personal email account
  • Ability to use Internet Explorer (version 8+), Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

Course Objectives:

The overriding goal of this speaker training course is to provide healthcare professionals a practical and effective process for writing, practicing, and delivering a clear and engaging presentation or speech, as well as a useful approach for answering audience’s questions. At the conclusion of this online training, a learner will improve the quality of his or her formal presentations, public speech skills, as well as ad hoc communication opportunities and media interviews in order to present studies, talk to patients, and conduct internal meetings.

Upon successfully completing this course, healthcare professionals will be able to:

  • Develop and deliver headline statements;
  • Identify and deliver informative and fact-based supportive data for their headline statements;
  • Present and speak confidently with appropriate voice, tone, hand gestures, and visual aids;
  • Answer the toughest audience questions with confidence and ease, while controlling the message.

Recommended Background:

The learner will have a proficiency using an Internet browser.

Public Speaking Training Course Modules:

  1. 3D’s 3Ps
  2. Setting Your Speaking Strategy
  3. Using 3D Message Pyramids
  4. Writing Your Open and Close
  5. Scripting the Presentation
  6. Preparing PowerPoint
  7. Basic Delivery Skills
  8. Using Body Language
  9. Maximizing Voice Tone
  10. How to Practice Public Speeches
  11. Q&A
  12. Conquering Fear of Public Speaking and Wrap Up


How long will the course take to complete?
The course will require approximately 110 minutes of your time in total effort.

Can I stop the video stream and/or the assessment quizzes without losing work?
The modules are essentially like YouTube videos, so if you stop it mid-stream, you can simply start them again. For the quizzes, you must SUBMIT your answers at the bottom of each quiz. This will ensure that your answers will carryover from session to session.

Can I access the course and contents after it ends?
After completing the course, you can continue to access this course by simply accessing the same URL address used for this training.

Can the modules be reviewed after the training is completed?
Yes, but the quizzes cannot be done again.

Does this training work on a Mac?

Is there a limit of how many times the training can be viewed?

Can the training be accessed offline?

If the training is accessed from another computer, will it remember my progress?
Yes. Your progress is attached to your email address, not the computer used.
If I need technical support while using this course, who should I contact?
Please email the 3D training team at etraining@3dcommunications.us or call 919-301-8084.
We hope that you enjoy your participation in this course. Thank you!

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