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3D A·C·T®
The Fusion of Science and Communication

3D’s team of pharmaceutical communications and scientific experts use 3D A·C·T®, a proprietary and innovative process that takes your FDA presentation strategy, messaging, and delivery to the next level of precision and impact.

3D A·C·T®  Analysis – Content Development – and Testing is a step-by-step process that helps you:

  • Analyze your audience and your goal
  • Create presentation content that resonates with your audience
  • Test your strategy, content, and delivery through a disciplined process

The result: Your communication strategy is on track. Your message is clear. Your presentation delivery is confident. You’ve achieved your goal:
Winning FDA Approval.

The world is demanding more from you.
3D will get you ready for your moment of impact.

Pharmaceutical & FDA Communications, Market Access Consulting Services

We have extensive experience preparing pharmaceutical and device teams for winning FDA approval; helping Market Access teams with payer negotiations and high-stakes meetings with other important stakeholders.

Our team of former reporters and seasoned public speakers also conduct expert Media and Speaker Training specifically designed for healthcare and business audiences.