How We Plan to Rebuild in the Post COVID Economy

In this article, Cindy DiBiasi sat down with Charlie Katz from Authority Magazine to share her insights on how business leaders plan to rebuild in the post COVID-19 economy.

“We are seeing an evolution — if not a revolution — in how the Pharma, Biotech, Medical Devices and Technology industries are cooperating. I think we will see a jump-start in many of these areas — from vaccines and new treatments for COVID, to Artificial Intelligence and robotics. I HOPE it also leads to a re-thinking of how we value healthcare over other industries. This pandemic has been compared to a “war.” There is no question that we are under attack — but we need masks, respirators, and healthcare workers to fight it — not guns, missiles, and military. I expect to see a lot of conversation and policy changes regarding that.”

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This article was originally featured online at Authority Magazine on June 21, 2020.

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